Thursday, June 13, 2013

Round Rock Mini Maker Faire

After exhibiting at the Austin Mini Maker Faire a few weeks ago, Griffin decided that he wanted to attend the Round Rock Mini Maker Faire. This was the first time it’s been in Round Rock, and it was sponsored by Tech Shop. He enjoyed the tour of Tech Shop, and is counting the months until he is old enough to join.

Griffin says, “I want to join the Tech Shop because they have good tools that I would like to use. Some of these tools would be too fancy for most of my jobs. I might use the laser cutter for a job that could be done with a band saw, scroll saw, or table saw.
The Maker Faire was really tiny but it was well divided. One of my favorite things was the computer fan that was raising and lowering a seesaw. The robot arm was cool but I would want to make the gears out of metal because it is more durable than acrylic. The clear acrylic case would make it easy to diagnose problems.

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